LSU Game Shuttle


Please check to make sure we service your hotel before submitting your reservation.


If you have question, we got answers!  We have provided as much information as possible to make sure you have a pleasant experience at LSU Stadium.  All information and pricing is listed below.


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Hotels We Service


We Been Doing This For Years, We Are Good At It!

IMPORTANT:  Before making a reservation, please read our cancellation policy. 

By accepting transportation, you have agreed to all terms, conditions, and cancellation policies.

Game Day Shuttle - Only service hotels in Baton Rouge

From Acadian Thruway to Siegen Ln.  

Hotels are  listed below.

  • We welcome everyone, our vehicles are a friendly atmosphere, where good conversations begin, and everyone gets to know each other.
  • Perfect transportation for first time visitors, seniors and couples.
  • We only provide LSU game transportation from hotels in the Baton Rouge area along I-10 interstate.
  • We have been providing LSU Game Shuttle; to and from the LSU Stadium for years.  
  • This year we will only be providing transportation to and from certain hotels in the area.  
  •  Reservation form located at bottom of page. 

On LSU Game Day:

No Shuttle Or Private Transportation From New Orleans Area To Baton Rouge 

Except One-Way Airport Transportation From MSY Airport to Hotel in Baton Rouge.


No Transportation To or From LSU Stadium

We "DO NOT"  provide transportation to or from these locations, 

 to LSU Stadium on LSU game days.

MSY Airport 

New Orleans Area

BTR Airport

Downtown Baton Rouge

I-12  Along / Off

Port Allen Area

Gonzales Area

Other Cites / Parishes

Hotel We Service


I-10 / Acadian Thruway

  • Courtyard Marriott / LSU Center
  • Red Roof Inn

I-10 / College Drive

 Constitution Ave  / College Dr.   

  • Hampton Inn                   
  • Crown Plaza                      
  • Holiday Inn                        
  • Embassy Suites  
  • DoubleTree Hotel


Corporate Blvd / College Dr.

  • BR Mariott    
  • Richmond Inn Suites
  • Homewood Suite
  • Tru By Hilton


Banker Ave  / College Dr.

  • Candlewood Suites

I-10 / Essen Lane

  • Drury Inn  
  • Fairfield Inn 
  • Springhill Suites

I-10 / Bluebonnet Blvd.

  •  Renaissance
  • Wyndham
  • Hyatt

I-10 / Siegen Lane

  • Courtyard Marriott
  • Residence Inn
  • Holiday Inn
  • Home2 Suites

Please Remember!

  • With so many hotel to service we get booked up quickly on round-trip tier.
  • Please be sure to book in advance.
  • Reservation are based upon first come / first serve.

We like to thank our loyal clients for choosing to ride with us year after year.  

We thank you for being a part of our LSU Extended Family.

We can't wait to see you all and catch up!

Why Use A Shuttle



With over 80,000 people attending LSU games and tailgating, there is no quick fix to getting in and out of LSU campus.  Most of the roads that lead onto campus are 2-way streets, with only one 4-way street on Nicholson to Burbank.  You eventually get to where you need to go but only with lots of time and patience.  Our I-10 and I-12 traffic is usually backed up for miles, as well as the local streets close to campus.  It can take a minimum of 45 min to an 1hr / 20 min to get you to the stadium.  After the game, when everyone is leaving at the same time, traffic is even worst, so expect double that time.


In order to park close to the stadium with a minimum of less than a 1 mile walk, a campus parking pass is required. Parking is very limited on campus with all the new up-coming building structures and dorms being built on campus. If you are not parked on campus before 11:00a for a 6:30p game, like the majority of the tailgators setting up for the day, then you are likely parking 3 - 6 miles away from the stadium.  By using the shuttle you are in ac when you leave the hotel until you arrive at the drop-off point, and then it is only a 10 minute walk to the stadium.  It is really that easy!


We definitely recommend flat rates for heavy traffic.  Flat rates allow you to pay the same amount regardless how long it takes to get you to your destination.  If it takes 2 hours to get you from the stadium to your hotel after the game in heavy traffic, the rate is the same. With companies that charge per minute and per mile rates, the amount you pay is determine by how long you are in the vehicle and the distance traveled.  Unfortunately there is no way tell how long it will take to move through traffic.  Come ride with us, no matter if it takes an hour or two, the rate is the same.


Everyone knows that there will be plenty of road blocks, contra-flow, and police detours. Sometimes you don't know where you end up after all the detours. Every road on campus becomes semi-contraflow hours before the game, and full contraflow after the game.  If you are not that familiar with the Baton Rouge area and LSU campus streets, we would not recommend driving if you don't have too.


Let's be honest, when 80,000 people leaving the stadium at the same time, traffic is no picnic; neither is trying to find a ride.  There are hundreds of people looking for transportation after the game.  There is no science as to how long it is going to takes to get off campus with so many people leaving at the same time.  LSU Campus is so huge, it usually take hour or two to get off of campus after a game.  When contraflow is in effect, all side streets are blocked or detoured to lead to contraflow traffic. We are proud to say that after years of doing this we have worked out the kinks with these road blocks and have perfected our transportation route that leads to less time stuck in traffic.  We have so many loyal clients that ride with us every year that say "its worth it for them to take the shuttle, then to drive in all this mess."  and we agree. 

Let us take the hassle out of driving so we can make it easy for you and your family, to spend more time enjoying the event.


This is the perfect ride for 1st time visitors, and those that are afraid of getting lost on campus.  We welcome all team's fans, friends and family members to join us for round-trip or one-way to the stadium.  If you just don't feel like driving, it's okay just book that reservation and get on board.  Let us take the hassle out of driving.  

Riding with us is so easy, all you have to do is:

~  Just booked the reservation.

~  Show up with family and friends.

~  Ride in nice clean passenger vans with ac.

~  Enjoy the company of others in the van.  

~  Have fun at the tail-gating parties and the game.

~  After game meet us in the location for the TIER you selected.

~  Back to your hotel you go!


Shuttle Payment



Up to 4 people


Groups Reservations of 5 or more people

Cash Payment Only

For Free Reservation  Up to 4 People

  • Our Driver will collect full payment in cash at the time of pick-up.
  • No refunds on Tiers after game start.
  • Our drivers are not allowed to accept credit card payment on game day. 


Groups of 5 or more people

Credit card payments

  • Groups of 5 or more people require advance payment for reservation.
  •  Credit card payments have to be process in advance during regular business hours.           Mon -Fri   9:00a - 6:00p 
  • Full or partial cc payment require.
  • CC Not accepted on game day!

Round-Trip or One-way



Rates Good For Game Dates : 

Sept 5, 12, 26     Oct. 3, 24,    Nov. 14

Tier 1 - Round-Trip  $40.00      

Leave Immediately After Game  (35 Min)

Tier 2 - Round-Trip  $25.00     

Leave From Campus Restaurant Area 

2 Hours After Game



  To Stadium Only    (No One-Way Return)

Per-Person  - $20.00

First (2) People pay $20.00 ea

Third person or more pay $5.00 ea


Tier 1 - Round-Trip  $50.00      

Leave Immediately After Game  (35 Min)

Tier 2 - Round-Trip  $35.00     

Leave From Campus Restaurant Area 

2.5 Hours After Game



  To Stadium Only    (No One-Way Return)

Per-Person  - $25.00

First (2) People pay $25.00 ea

Third person or more pay $5.00 ea

Perfect for 1st Time Visitors



  • No need for parking pass.

  • No worries about getting stranded after the game.

  • No need to look for parking spaces or parking lots

  • No worry of getting "TOWED".

  • Why walk miles, when you can walk 10 minutes to the stadium.

  • Do no risk drinking and driving in Baton Rouge and getting DUI. 

  • No getting lost due to police detours and road blocks, contra-flow.

  • With over 80,000 people on campus let us make it easy for you to get there.  

  • We take the hassle out of driving in heavy traffic.

  • Only a short walk to the stadium.

Very Close To The Stadium


  • We drop-off and pick-up in the same location.  
  • Right behind the Pete Maravich Center, at the corner of Cypress Dr. 
  • Only a 10 minute walk to and from the stadium.
  • Everyone signs up for a Tier is guaranteed a seat, no need to leave the game early to be the first ones on the shuttle.
  • We ask everyone for patience after the game, to make sure we account for everyone that is suppose to be on the Tier.
  • Passengers may have to wait an extra 10 minutes patiently to make sure we don't leave anyone.

Choose Your Pick-Up Time


  • We pick up on game days as early as 9:00a.  
  • You can choose your own time for pick-up to the stadium.  
  • We book all reservation 45 mins after the hour.  You are put in a 45 min window to allow us more time to meet our appointments in heavy traffic.  
  • (Example. 1:45, 2:45, 3:45)
  • Due to so much traffic we ask you to please be a little flexible, possibly ready to go 45 minutes prior to appointment. 
  • The shuttle try to limit pick-up to 3 locations per trip to stadium.  
  • Seating is limited to reservations only!

Heavy Traffic Need Flat Rate


  • LSU Game Traffic -  Don't pay more money for being stuck in traffic with companies that charges minute and mile rates.  
  • Everyone knows LSU after game traffic with over 80,000 leaving at the same time, with police road blocks is the worst traffic to be stuck in,.
  • So enjoy the company of others and let us do the driving.


We can not estimate time stuck in traffic.




Free Reservations   

Cash Payment Provided To Driver At The Time Of Pick-Up!

  • All one-way trips to the stadium up to 14 people.
  • Round-Trip reservation for up to (24) people. 
  • All reservations made on the game day require cash only, including large groups.

Advance Payment Required For Reservation  - Large Groups

  • Credit card payments has to be process in advance to secure reservation. Payment has to be processed through our business office.
  • Round-Trip reservation for large groups of (5) or more people require credit card payment to secure the reservation. 

Terms of Transportation

  • Our round-trip rates are based upon per person rates.  
  • No Cash Refunds allowed on Tiers after game start.
  • Free online reservations up to (4) people, if need to cancel just email or call us.
  • TBA  {Game Start Time)   Just pick a time and email us the correct time before game day.
  • Drop-Off  before game starts is in the same location for all trips which is a 10 minute walk to the stadium. 
  • After game pick-up will be in different locations depending on the tier chosen.
  • You can choose your own time for pick-up to the stadium.  
  • We book reservation 45 min after.  
  • (Example. 9:45, 12:45 or 3:45).  You choose from 9a until game time. Must be ready to go 45 minutes prior to pick-up time.
  • The shuttle try to limit pick-up to 3 locations per trips to stadium.  
  • We only show up at a hotel for the individuals with the reservation.


In most cases our LSU game day shuttle for Tier 1 will be sold out days, before game day.  Every year we have so many people that ride with us year after year for the most popular games; and every other year when their team plays.  People book months and weeks in advance to make sure they have a game day shuttle reservation.  We accept reservations for football games at the beginning of February every year.  You can reserve seats months in advance for future games for LSU game shuttle.   Please don't wait until the last minute, sometimes even Tier 2 be sold out and all we have are one-way trips.

Transfer From Tier 2  to Tier 1:

  • If you choose a Tier 2, you can request a transfer to Tier 1 when someone cancels or opt to leave early in the 3rd quarter.
  • This request can be made on the reservation form at the bottom of the page.
  • We can not guarantee seats will become available, but we would let you know if they do.
  • Request for transfers are taken in the order the reservation was received.
  • You would be required to pay the difference of per-person rate, if you accept the transfer.


TIER 1 - $40.00 & $50.00 Per-Person

$40.00 Pp     Sept 5, 12, 26     Oct. 3, 24,    Nov. 14             $50.00 Pp   Nov. 7  LSU - Alabama


No worries, 35 minutes is more than enough time for  99% of the people.

Tier 1 - First group of people to leave campus.

  • Drop-Off / Pick-Up - Same Location
  •  Behind Pete Maravich Assembly Center     
  • 10 min walk to and from stadium
  • Leave Early Option - At Beginning 3rd Quarter Only -  Drop Off Location
  • Vehicles leaves pick-up location 30 - 45 minutes after game.
  • No Worries, everyone makes it there on time.
  • No need to leave the game early to get a seat, every seat is available for someone that reserved for Tier 1.

WARNING:  Please Read!

Please be patience and considerate of other people, before the game and especially after the game.  We have a large number of people who have never been to LSU, so they may not get out of the stadium as quickly as some people, and that is okay. We make ever effort to make sure we don't leave anyone, and that might means we have to wait a couple more minutes for everyone to get on the shuttle, we don't mind.  We want everyone to enjoy their LSU Campus experience. 

TIER 2 - $25.00 & $35.00 Per-Person

$25.00 Pp     Sept 5, 12, 26     Oct. 3, 24,    Nov. 14             $35.00 Pp   Nov. 7  LSU - Alabama

Leave From LSU Campus Restaurant Area 

2 Hours After The Game                                                      2.5 Hours After The Game    Nov. 7

(We drop off Tier 1 and come back for Tier 2  after contra-flow.) This allows for riders to get something eat before going back to the hotel.

  • Tier 2   Pick-Ups After-Game
  • LSU Restaurant Areas 
  • Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot,  3260 Highland Rd. 
  • 15 - 20 min walk from the stadium.
  • You may enjoy any of the 10 restaurants in the area.
  • Drop-Off  - Behind Pete Maravich Assembly  (Same As Tier 1)
  • Leave Early Option - At Half Time Only - Drop off location
  • When we drop off Tier 1, we return for Tier 2. 
  • This allows time for police to lift the road blocks and contraflow for traffic. 
  • If you wanted to transfer to Tier 1, if seats become available please indicate that on tier reservation form

ARNING:  Please Read!

The same applies as Tier 1  patience, patience, patience.  

Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible, so you can make the best decision for transportation with honest and realistic expectations when traveling to LSU for game day.  

Tier 2 -  Requires some patience, if you are not really the patient type, Tier 2 may not be a good fit.  The time is estimated, as we can not give accurate update if we are still stuck in traffic.  The truth is, everyone that attend a game at LSU will sit in traffic after the game up to 2 hours for regular games, and for big games like Florida and Alabama up to 3.5 hours; there is no way around it.  If you are sitting in a Taxi or Uber/Lyft the fee will be outrageous; and their drivers have no incentive to get you to your hotel any quicker.  Which means you will not get there any faster than the estimated time for Tier 2.  The longer you sit in traffic, the more expensive the ride will be in a Taxi or Uber/Lyft.  Tier 2 will probably be the best affordable option other than driving yourself.  

Just imagine over 100,000 people in town for LSU Games, leaving the game at the same time on (6 main) 2-lane roads.  We ask our clients to please DO NOT CALL US EVERY 10 MINUTES FOR UPDATE,  We are very skilled drivers, we know all the back streets, we do not sit in traffic if we know other routes.  We always meet our deadlines 99.7% of the time; and when we don't it is because of road-blocks due to accidents or Police controlled lights. Please allow us to focus on getting out of traffic to get to you as quickly as possible.  If you are ready to go and need to leave immediately you may find other means of transportation.  Just as a courtesy please let us know, so we don't hold up others by making sure we don't leave anyone.   We are really experienced at this, as we have been doing LSU games for many years.  There is no easy or quick fix to this kind of traffic, other than you driving and parking yourself.  Pretty much everyone enjoys Tier 2, eating with the family, or walking around outside until we get there, and we have no complaints, everyone is feeling good and full, ready to turn in for the night.  Plus, it is a lot easier to get them to their hotels because there is only little to no traffic left, since they were eating when we were stuck in heavy traffic with Tier 1.  

Our goal is customer satisfaction, if we can not make you happy and satisfied with our service we definitely would want someone else to.  We have great reviews and we give it all we got to make sure you call us first when ever you are in town and need transportation. We certainly don't mind a phone call to check in, if you like.  We just can't have people calling or texting every 10 minutes for an update.

Highly Recommended If You Don't Mind Enjoying A Nice Meal.

If your goal is to get something to eat with the family after the game;

Why not do it while everyone else is stuck in traffic, including us!

This is perfect option for those whose intention is to get something to eat after the game. So instead of waiting until you get back to your hotel to go out and get something, why not take advantage of having the option of choosing 1 of the 10 awesome restaurants next to LSU campus - 15 minutes walk from stadium.

  • Considering it takes everyone at least 45 min to get out of LSU trafficf on an average game, headed towards I-10, you could already be seated & ordered your meal within the hour.

Plenty of Restaurants Choose From:

All the restaurants are a couple of minutes from each other.  

Open Until 10P - Sometimes open later for LSU Games.

Barcadia Bar     Kaminari Hibachi          Chipotle Mexican Grill        Geauld Tiger’s            

Koi Sushi           Inga’s Subs          Five Guys           Roul’s Deli             Subway   

Open Until 2A

Buffalo Wild Wings             The Chimes Restaurant             Raising Canes     

Burger King                              Jack in The Box    


 Our drivers will text you 20-15 min before arrival, to give you a chance to get to pick-up location.  If you are not through eating, you may bring to-go boxes on the van. 

Tier 3 TAIL-GATE LEAVE - $25.00 & $35.00

$25.00 Pp     Sept 5, 12, 26     Oct. 3, 24,    Nov. 14             $35.00 Pp   Nov. 7  LSU - Alabama

Just Tailgating - Leave before game start.


  • Drop-Off / Pick-Up - Same Location
  • Behind Pete Maravich Assembly Center     
  • 10 min walk to and from stadium
  • Leave before game start.
  • Call dispatch when you ready to leave.

Only Tailgating:  

Also you can choose this option if you need pick-up before the game.  Just let us know on reservation form that you just want to tailgate.  You would give us a call when you are ready to leave, and just catch the shuttle back to your hotel.

For Half-Time Leave - The same as Tier 2 

Pick-up in the beginning of 3rd quarter at he same location as drop-off.

ONE-WAY TRIP - $20.00 & $25.00

 To The Stadium Only!   No One-Way Returns From Stadium!

No Upgrading To Any Tiers After The Game!

$20.00 Pp     Sept 5, 12, 26     Oct. 3, 24,    Nov. 14          

  • Per-Person  - $20.00    
  • First (2) People pay $20.00 ea    (Ex:  2 Pp - @ $20.00 pp = $40.00)
  • 3 or more - $5.00 pp   (3) people or more pay $5.00 ea.

                  (Ex:  4 people going  - 2  @ $20.00 and 2 @ $5.00 = $50.00)

$35.00 Pp   Nov. 7  LSU - Alabama

  • Per-Person  - $20.00    
  • First (2) People pay $25.00 ea    (Ex:  2 Pp - @ $25.00 pp = $50.00)
  • 3 or more - $5.00 pp   (3) people or more pay $5.00 ea.

  • Drop-Off  - Behind Pete Maravich Assembly   (Same As Tier 1)
  • 10 min walk to the stadium
  • No After Game Pick-Up
  • You will not have the option to upgrade to any tiers, unless both tiers are sold out and you are on the waiting list for an up-grade.


Online Reservations 

Accepted Until 11:30p on Friday  

Before Game Day Saturday!

Phone Reservations 

Starting at 9:00A On Saturday – Game Day!  

Phone reservation accepted "ONLY" on game day.

Complete the reservation form below! 


Pick a time based upon a night game starting at 6p.  

If the game time changes email us the week of the game with the correct time.



By Accepting Transportation, You Agree To Cancellation Policy

 As a courtesy, please notify us in advance of any cancellations.


  • If there is someone in your reservation that will not be attending on game day, please call to cancel their seat.
  • We have so many senior citizens that really depend on this service as they are not always as mobile as others to get around LSU area.
  • We usually always sell out on our Tiers, our goal is make every seat available to someone.
  • We want to make sure there are no available seats left due to, no call / no show on reservations.
  • Let's not take advantage of the online free reservations, please treat this system the same as you would if you had to pre-pay.
  • All we ask is to be considerate of others, and notify us if you are not going to show up for your reservation.
  • If you need to cancel your reservation please give us a call, so we can make those seats available to others.
  • When everyone do their part it helps to keep the free online reservations and cancellations free of charge.  
  • It becomes a win-win for everyone.

Payment Required For All Seats You Reserve.

Full Payment is required for all seats you reserve for your party.

  • Except when you notified us (4) hour in advance on game day or before.


When you make the reservation for your group, 

you are responsible for everyone's payment.  If you did not call us to cancel someone's seat in your group, and you refuse to pay the person fee, your entire reservation will be CANCELLED!

  • If you forget to notify us that people in your reservation needed to cancelled their seats, you are still responsible for their payment at the time of pick-up or we cancelled your reservation.

Group Reservations - 5 or More

Advance Payment  - Credit Card Payment Required 

  • Group reservation for (5) or more people require advance credit card  payment.
  • Full Refund Cancellation Deadline - Thursday at 12:00p before Saturday game for the entire reservation, or cancelling people from the reservation.
  • After Thursday Deadline, up to (3) people may be cancelled from reservation for full refund before Friday 12:00p.
  • All cancellations must be submitted via email.
  • Refund process may take up to 10 business days.
  • No refunds for cancellations after 12:00p on Friday before game day.

Please remember to cancel, if you no longer need the reservation!

Thank you for your patience and consideration in this matter.  

It is greatly appreciated.

Reservation Form

Please Complete The Reservation Form

We Do Not Pick-Up At New Orleans Hotels On LSU Game Day!

Advance reservations is the best way to ensure availability.

Online Reservations:

Online reservation accepted until  11:30p on Friday before game day.  

Phone Reservations:

We only accept phone reservation on game day starting at 9:00a.

LSU Football Schedule 2020


Sept. 12  - TEXAS

Sept. 26 -  OLE MISS



Nov. 7  - ALABAMA


LA Corporate & Executive Transport

LSU Game Day Shuttle

Sept - Nov Hours: Tues - Fri - 1:00P - 6:00P Sat & Sun - Close ------------ Game Day Friday 12:00p - 9:00p Game Day Saturday 9:00a - 1:00a -------------- -------------- Office: (225) 308-4551 Cell: (225) 362-9532

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Schedule

Before Game Pick-Up:

Starting at 9:45a Night Games

Starting at 8.00a Day Games

After Game Pick-Up:

Tier 1 -  Immediately After Game

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Same Location

Behind Pete Maravich Center

Tier 2 -  2 hrs After Game

Drop-Off  - Behind Pete Maravich Center

Pick-Up  - At Buffalo Wild Wings 

Tail-Gate Tier - Leave Beginning of Game

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Same Location

Behind Pete Maravich Center