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We highly recommend visiting Baton Rouge Tourist Center.  What ever the reason for your visit we are glad you are here.  Let Visit Baton Rouge help plan your next trip, and maybe check on available discounts.  VBR are the ones who keeps us up to date on current events and places opening in Baton Rouge.  We keep them on speed dial with all the continued growth in Baton Rouge, we just can't keep up.  If you want to experience the best of the best in Baton Rouge, give them a call.

"Nobody Else Knows As Much As They Know!" 

Welcome To Baton Rouge, has so much to offer, from history and culture,  The Red Stick Blog,

The Red Stick Blog

Welcome To Baton Rouge Blog

Baton Rouge has so much to offer, from history and culture, to the infamous Mardi Gras celebrations.  The Red Stick Blog, will navigate you through the historic & cultural places, people,  and events. Find out what is currently happening in Baton Rouge, and the exciting places to visit. 


We only able list a few of the top places our previous clients have highly recommended.  What about the thousands of people who visits Baton Rouge everyday, what would they recommend?  Only our one stop shop has that answer, there is no other solution to getting the 411 on Baton Rouge then  and The Red Stick Blog.  They provide tons information on all the historic and local places, seasonal and cultural events, and of course awesome food options for your enjoyment.   There is so much you really do not want to miss out on, and neither do we want you too. Our wish for you is to see, enjoy, and experience the greatness that Baton Rouge has to offer.

General Information


General Information About Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Population

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana, the second-largest metropolitan city in Louisiana with a population estimated at 230,000.

Baton Rouge is one of the fastest growing cities in America.

 The Greater Baton Rouge area population is 825,000.   

Baton Rouge Climate

Baton Rouge has a humid subtropical climate, with mild winters, hot and humid summers, moderate to heavy rainfall, and tornadoes all year. 

Louisiana Culture

Baton Rouge has an exciting rich culture in french, creole, cajun, african american, spanish, caribbean, etc., from the cuisine, to the jazz, zydeco, cajun, and blues.

Louisiana Southerners knows how to have a good time, and put the "P" in Party.  

Louisiana Swamp

The Louisiana swamp is an area of land saturated with water.  Swamps are dominated by trees like cypress and tupelo trees, and tiny plants, shrubs, and bushes may cover the water surface.   The Shadowy tree root system provide a rich sheltered habitat for nesting birds, fish, frogs, alligators, amphibians and other reptiles.  Swamps are among the most valuable ecosystems on Earth. They act like giant sponges or reservoirs. When heavy rains cause flooding, swamps and other wetlands absorb excess water, moderating the effects of flooding. Swamps also protect coastal areas from storm surges that can wash away fragile coastline.  More information provided by National Geographic.

For list of  Swamp tours click Below:

Visit Baton Rouge/Swamp

Southern Hospitality

Baton Rouge is an exceptional city, so friendly and family oriented.  In this city we welcome and treat everyone with love and respect no matter what color, background, religion, creed, nationality, etc.  

This is the city where you can stop and ask for directions, questions, advice, etc. and people will take their time and assist you with whatever you need.  Everyone we have transported said "that everywhere they went, everyone was so friendly."  The hospitality is real, we don't know no other way to be.  Our policy in transportation is to treat everyone as if they were the next door neighbor that we have been knowing for years.  

We take proud in our city and our residents, and everyday we try to love more, and achieve more.  We send our love and blessing around the world to each and everyone, Be happy!

Below are a list of the top favorite places our previous clients and repeat visitors enjoyed when they visited Baton Rouge using our airport transportation company.  We hope you enjoy them as well.

Downtown Baton Rouge

New State Capitol

The New Louisiana State Capitol Building.
The tallest capitol in the U.S.  A must see!

  • The Louisiana State Capitol is the seat of government for the United States of Louisiana. 
  • It is the tallest capitol in the U.S., the building is 450 feet high with 34 floors. 
  • With guided tours and observation deck on 27th floor this is a must see!
  • Hours: 8:00A - 4:30P
  • 900 N 3rd St   Baton Rouge


Old State Capital

The Old Louisiana State Capitol, also known as the State House.
It is a historic museum, Louisiana

  •  The Old Louisiana State Capitol, also known as the State House.
  • It is a historic government building, and now a museum.
  • It was built to both look like and function like a castle.
  • The museum of political history.
  • Tours are available.
  • Hours:  10:00A - 4:00P
  •  100 North Blvd, Baton Rouge 

Capitol Park Museum

t the Capitol Park Museum with thematic exhibits on diverse aspects of Louisiana history & culture.

  •  At the Capitol Park Museum with thematic exhibits on diverse aspects of Louisiana history and culture.
  • The museum includes really great exhibits that explains the culture of Louisiana, great for kids. 
  • Covers everything from hurricanes, music, politics, mardi gras, New Orleans, etc.
  • Hours:  9:00A - 4:30P
  • 600 N. Fourth St.   Baton Rouge

LA Arts & Science Museum

Louisiana Arts & Science Museum provides an educational and exciting experience for kids and adults.

  • Louisiana Arts & Science Museum (LASM) provides an educational and exciting experience for kids and adults.
  • Museum complex with kid's science exhibits, planetarium & galleries showcasing the history of art.
  • The planetarium and the science discovery rooms are awesome! 
  • Very kid friendly with exhibits and sculptures.
  • Hours:  10:00A -3:00P 
  • 100 S River Rd, Baton Rouge 

USS Kidd

The USS Kidd  (DD-661)   a Fletcher-class destroyer.  The Veteran Memorial Museum.

  • The USS Kidd  (DD-661)   a Fletcher-class destroyer, was the first ship of the United States Navy to be named after Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd.
  • Veterans Museum displays include a P-40 aircraft, ship models, etc., and a nice gift shop
  • A great self-guided tour for the family.
  • The USS Kidd has been restored to her World War II (1945)
  • This ship Hours:  9:30A - 3:30P
  • 305 River Rd. S.  Baton Rouge

Shaw Center For The Arts


  • The Shaw Center For The Arts is a multi-use museum.  From performing arts  to visual arts, as well as fine dining.
  • LSU Museum of Arts for fine visual art and exhibits.
  • The Manship Theatre provide performing arts & culture experiences for all ages through music, dance, theatre, and film.
  • Roof top dining at Tsunami Sushi restaurant.
  • Hours:  9:00A - 4:00P
  • 100 Lafayette St.  Baton Rouge

Things To Do - Shopping

Mall Of Louisiana


 Mall of Louisiana

Phone:  (225) 761-0307

  • 180 Shopping Stores
  • 16 Restaurants
  • Hours:  10:00A - 9:00P
  • 6401 Bluebonnet Blvd.   

Towne Center Mall


Towne Center Mall

Phone:  (225) 925-2344

  • 66 Shopping Stores
  • 10 Restaurants
  • Hours:  8:00A - 9:00P
  • 2380 Towne Center Blvd. 
  • Townecentermall

Perkins Rowe Mall


 Perkins Rowe

Phone:  (225)  767-2001

  • 24 Shopping Stores
  • 10 Restaurants
  • Hours:  10:00A - 9:00P
  • 10202 Perkins Rowe 

Things to do - Casinos

L"Auberge Casino & Hotel


 L'Auberge Casino & Hotel

Phone:  (225) 215-7777

Hollywood Casino


Hollywood Casino

Phone:  (225) 709-7777

Belle of Baton Rouge Casino


Belle of Baton Rouge Casino

Phone:  (225) 242-2600

Things To Do - Visit Campus

LSU Louisiana State University


LSU  Louisiana State University  

Phone:  (225) 578-3202

  • Baton Rouge, LA  70803
  • Colors:  Purple & Gold
  • Mascot:  Mike the Tiger VII

SU Southern University


SU Southern University & A&M 

Phone:  (225) 771-4500

  • 801 Harding Blvd.  Baton Rouge
  • Colors:  Gold & Columbia Blue
  • Mascot:  Jaguars

BRCC Community College


BRCC Community College

Phone:  (225) 215-8000

 201 Community College Dr.

  • Colors:  Red, White, Black
  • Mascot:  Bears

Things to do - Plantations

Magnolia Mound


Magnolia Mound Plantation 

Phone:  (225) 343-4955 

French creole house built in 1791.

Houmas House


Houmas House Plantation & Gardens

Phone:  (225) 473-9380

Just 30 minutes away from Baton Rouge

  • Hours:  9:00A - 8:00P
  • Price:  Check Price
  • 40136 LA-942  Darrow, LA



 Nottoway Plantation & Resort

Phone:  (225) 545-2730

Just 30 min away from Baton Rouge.

  • Hours:  9:00A - 4:00P
  • Price:  Check Price
  • 31025 LA-1  White Castle,  LA


THings To Do - Outdoor Fun

Swamp Boat Tour


Cajun Country Swamp Tour

Phone:  (337) 319-0010

Tour the Bayou Swamps 

45 Minutes from Baton Rouge

Walk The Swamp Trail


Bluebonnet Swamp

Phone:  (225) 757-8905

Walk a mile into the Swamp

See all types of swamp animals

  • Hours:  Check Hours
  • Price:  Check Price
  • 10503 N. Oak Hills  
  • BlueBonnet Swamp

Meet Our Friends


Baton Rouge Zoo  

Phone:  (225) 775-3877

Enjoy outdoor fun with friendly 

animals and educational programs. 

  • Hours:  9:30a - 4:00p
  • Price:  Check Rates
  • 3601 Thomas Rd.  Baton Rouge


Things To Do - Indoor Fun

Extreme Air Sports


 Area 51 

Extreme Air Sports

Phone:  (225) 224-8545

Air sport and fitness for everyone.

  • Hours:  Check Hours
  • Price:  Check Price
  • 10111 The Grove Ave 

Laser Tag


Laser Tag Baton Rouge

Phone:  (225) 303-0386

7500 Sq ft Laser tag arena.

  • Hours:  Check Hours
  • Price:  Check Price
  • 5871 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd.

Rock Climbing


Uptown Climbing

Phone:  (225) 831-1117

Enjoy rock climbing for any level.

Things To DO - Kids Fun

Children's Museum


Knock Knock Children Museum

Phone:  (225) 388-3090

Great for children of all ages.

Celebration Station


Celebration Station

Phone:  (225) 924-7888

Perfect for the kids.

Chucky E. Cheese


Chucky E Cheese

Phone:  (225) 291-1880

Perfect for the kids.