Ride in style in updated model vehicles at affordable rates.


2018  Model Vehicles

Clean Vehicles

On-Time Service

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We have a variety of vehicles for different people, and different situations. 

 Let us know what type of vehicles you need for your travel.

Large Sedan  1-3 People           Up to 3 Mid-Size Suitcases

Standard SUV    3-4 People     Up to 4 -5 Large Suitcases

Minivans  5-6 People                Up to 6-7 Large Suitcases

12 - Passenger Van   10 -11 People      Up to 11 Large Suitcases 

15 - Passenger Van   13 -14 People      No Room For Luggage 

Executive Sedans 1-3 People

Executive SUVS  Up to 6 People


Example:  Large Sedan  - Baton Rouge Area to BTR   $45- $75

          Large Sedan  - Baton Rouge Area to MSY   $105 - $125

Rates based upon distance, location, vehicle requested, and number of people traveling.

Executive, SUV's Minivans, Passenger Vans rates are hourly.  

Whether you just need a sedan to get you to and from or a nice huge SUV, or maybe you need a passenger van for the group.  Your choice, you choose what is best for you.

No Vehicle Logo

Executive Vehicles

Executive Vehicle do not have company logo unless request by the client.

Corporate Vehicles

Corporate Vehicles always have the company logo unless requested otherwise.

Picking Up From Airport

Having the company logo on the vehicle makes it easy to identified when picking up from the airport.

We Let You Choose - 2018 Models

Corporate Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 people, when you are just looking for nice clean ride.  Ride in style.

Corporate SUV's

Perfect for group of 3 to 4 people with lots of luggage

Mini Vans

LACET Transportation has mini van for Airport Transportation.  BTR Airport or MSY Airport.

 When you need extra passenger space our mini vans are a good option, seat 6 passengers and luggage. 

Executive Sedans

LACET Transportation has 2018 vehicles for Airport Transportation.  BTR Airport or MSY Airport.

Ride in style, choose from Chrysler 300, Cadillac, or BMW.  Hourly Rates

Executive SUV's

LACET Transportation has 2018 vehicles for Airport Transportation.  BTR Airport or MSY Airport.

We have a variety of large SUV's to choose from.  Seats 5-7 people, and luggage.  Hourly Rates

Passenger Vans

Depending on the size of the group perfect for 7 - 14 passengers.  

Hourly Rates